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Nourish to Flourish Womb wellness Bundle change

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  • Massage and Body work

    • 60 min Escape $75
      Customized 60 minute therapeutic massage integrating swedish and deep tissue techniques 
    • 75 min Escape with Foot scrub $80
      Customized 75 mins therapeutic massage integrating swedish and deep tissue techniques.  Your session ends with an exfoliating foot scrub and foot massage. 

    • 90 min Escape $105
      Customized 90 minute therapeutic massage integrating Swedish and Deep tissue techniques 
    • 30-40 min Detox Sauna session $60
      DETOX Sauna session Using Infrared Sauna blanket, provides targeted heat therapy to loosen up achy muscles that improves blood circulation, decreases pain, improve range of motion, reduce hypertension while prompting better sleep and decrease stress. Expect to sweat out toxins, metabolic waste and oh up to 500 calories per session.  So whether it’s muscle fatigue or life fatigue you need to book a session. 
    • 60 min Deep Tissue $95
      One hour deep tissue massage.  incorporating hot and cold applications to stimulate muscular relief. Your session is a deep tissue massage featuring massage cupping (Cupping is a great technique that activates the lymphatic system, reduce hypertension, improves respiratory function and awesome for detoxing the body. This technique is great for inflammation, arthritis stress relief, neck, shoulder and lower back pain)
    • Hot Stone $115
      For the ultimate in relaxation and to rejuvenate achy muscles try our Hot Stone Massage. It involves a full massage session aided with the use of heated stones strategical placed on the body throughout the session, the heat helps to relieve muscle tension.
    • Reiki $65
      Relax while you enjoy energy healing or Reiki. It is a technique that  introduces healing through the flow of energy in the body.
    • 60 min Preferred Package $240
      Enjoy four (4) 60 min Therapeutic massages in this money saving package. This package is designed for our clients interested in maintaining their health and wellness and are interested in booking multiple sessions.  Enjoy booking this package for yourself or to share with your household. Please enjoy a savings of $60.00 as a thank you!
    • 90 min Preferred Package $340
      Enjoy four (4) 90 min Therapeutic massages in this money saving package. This package is designed for our clients who are aggressive about their health and wellness and are interested in booking multiple sessions.  Enjoy booking this package for yourself or to share with your household. Please enjoy a savings of $80.00 as a thank you!
    • 90 min Deep Tissue w/ Cupping Therapy $110
      This combo is NO joke, it can release chronic muscle tension, lower  muscle spasms, treat anxiety, reduce arthritis symptoms, lower blood pressure and improve recovery from injuries. Ideal for muscle inflammation, arthritis, stress relief, and chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain 
    • Lymphatic Drainage Massage $80
      This is a gentle touch great for post surgery inflammation/recovery also known to reduce edema and assist with detoxification
    • Full Body Detox $199
      This service is completed over 2 sessions. Rid your body of unwanted toxins and reset your metabolism with our full body detox program. Our Full Body Detox program is a good way to get started or to continue your healthy lifestyle.  Infrared therapy function gives your body an internal cleanse with full body purge which helps to improve blood circulation, decrease pain, burn fat, improves metabolism, improves memory, sleep and decreases stress. This is a two-part program that includes a 30-45 min full body purge in our Far Infrared Sauna blanket. The follow up session includes a complimentary Yoni Steam womb Detox (optional for women) and it concludes with an relaxing Lymphatic Massage session
    • Noni’s Specialty

      • Yoni Steam (VSteams) $60
        Traditional  Yoni Steam is great for promoting feminine wellness with the use of certified organic herbs. This service is a relaxing, therapeutic session that also has proven effects on combating irregular menstrual cycles, cramps,uterine fibroids, cysts, PCOS, post partum healing, infertility and supporting overall feminine health.  DO NOT steam if you are pregnant or bleeding and caution if using an IUD
      • Re-Align Womb Wellness Bundle $480
        Let’s get “her” balanced and back to health .  This bundle is helpful in addressing 
        •Bacteria Vaginosis
        •Yeast infections
        •unpleasant odor
        •Uterine Cysts.    
        Package includes 1-2 steams weekly for 6weeks , so that’s 12 steams for $480 ( $720 Value)
      • 90 Mins Goddess Session (Yoni Steam and 60min Massage) $110
        This should be mandatory on your selfcare list! Treat yourself or that special lady to a therapeutic V steam/Yoni Steam and Massage combo. A full 90 mins healing and bliss
      • Postpartum Bundle $100
        Bundle includes a Postpartum Yoni Steam session great for repairing, toning the womb after birth and then finish with a Abdominal massage and Belly binding wrap. The wrap provides support to her abdominal wall and muscles, improves posture, supports loose ligaments and hips, and assists her organs to return to their pre-pregnancy positions. During this session you will learn how to do the belly binding on yourself. 
      • Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage $125

        The Nurturing the Mother® Fertility Massage program is a combination of specific massage techniques developed by renowned Massage Therapist Claire Marie Miller. The techniques used include Aromatherapy, Cranial-sacral alignment, fertility awareness, cleansing therapies, fertility reflexology, and visualizations.  The current success rate of conception is over 60%.  This therapeutic treatment is designed to help individuals who are preparing to conceive naturally with conscious awareness or clients using assisted reproductive technology.

      • Prenatal Massage $90
        This is a wonderful service for the Mommy-to-be.  Enjoy a relaxing massage that will help to reduce stress, sooth achy joints and muscles, relieves anxiety and in some cases headaches and edema.   
  • Tosha’s Specialty

    • Orthopedic Massage $120
      Great for addressing Muscular skeletal issues like sciatica, scoliosis and most Chronic neck and shoulder ailments.  
    • Sports Massage $120
      For our more physically active clients try our Sports Massage. The focus will be on manipulation of soft tissue to release tension, reduce pain, restore range of motion and promote good condition, before and after an event.
Massage Therapist: Noni Brown